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Mobile App & Browser Extension Wallet

Completely decentralized, non-custodial wallets, available on mobile app & as browser extension

Cross-chain DEX

DEX protocol based on Polygon network that allows users to swap their assets across multiple blockchains

P2E Mobile Games

Simple, fun & unique Play to Earn games published by Oblio.

In-App Crypto Purchase

Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other assets in under five minutes through Oblio wallet app.

Multi-Coin Wallet

Securely store BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens and more

Cross Chain Swaps

Securely exchange BTC, ETH, ERC-20 tokens and Stablecoins using Oblio Swap. Web & App versions supported.

Set of Oblio P2E games

Earn crypto by playing our super fun & unique mobile games

Built on Polygon & OKTC

We have solved ETH scalability problems by also supporting Polygon Network


Full wallet user privacy, No data storage, No KYC, No GEO restrictions

NFT support

Securely store, receive or send Non Fungible Tokens using our wallet app.

Next-Gen Staking

Next-Gen Staking OBL token holders will earn portion of the trade fees on Oblio Swap, proportionally.

Utility-rich Token

Explore the set of our unique use-cases for OBL token

Why Oblio

Explore our ecosystem and find out what make us special.

Oblio Swap

A cross-chain DEX protocol built on Polygon network

Application Design

Take a look at our app design.
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