Oblio Token Usecases

Income from the trade fees

After each trade on Oblio Swap, 17% of the trade fee will be taken, and it will go towards OBL token holders, proportionally. This is called the Next-Gen Staking. The amount of rewards depends on the amount of OBL held by the users, the more tokens you hold, the bigger the reward.

Lower Fees

Hold “X” number of OBL tokens to lower trade fees on Oblio Swap. The more tokens you hold, the higher rank & discount you unlock.

Oblio Swap Listing Fee

Listing fee on Oblio Swap is paid in OBL tokens, more info coming soon.

P2E Mobile Crypto Games

OBL token will be used to pay for the gear and other upgrades, to disable ads and to increase in-game earnings.


Stake OBL tokens and get rewarded in return for contributing to Oblio network. (APY % – TBD)

Token Distribution

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